JBAG Customs

Welcome to Jonze Boyz and Girlz Customs, "JBAG" Car & Motorcycle picture gallery. A gallery to some may be a museum, art show, etc.....Our gallery is the "Paint Booth" and turning your Car and/or Motorcycle into art. We work to make you happy...Before, During, and After the project!

Marc Jones, custom painter with 20+ years experience, has been so blessed to find his career passion and dreams of custom painting cars and motorcycles very early in his life, and has learned so much along the way to make him into the painter he is today. It is what moves him and brings him joy!...Creating joy in others by turning their dreams into reality through his hands and a paint gun, with honesty, fairness, attention to detail, and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Owners, Marc Jones & Pinky Jones, brought together not only their passion for cars and motorcycles, but the coincidence of having the same last name and they aren't related or married....yet:) This is how the name Jonze Boyz AND Girlz "JBAG" came about. We know that women love to customize their cars & motorcycles just as much as men do and want so serve both audiences. We would love to "serve" you soon!

JBAG specializes in unique or basic custom paint designs for classic cars, late model cars, and all makes of motorcycles. Offering:
-Unique custom paint designs
-Basic color change/refresh
-Bumper repair
-Paint repair
-Painting of small motorcycle & car parts along with aftermarket accessories
-Custom painted Motorcycle helmets, tour packs, bags, speaker pods, leg warmers, fairings, etc.
-Custom painted car & motorcycle wheels
-Classic Car sales
-Car & Motorcycle Clothing, accessories & Greeting Cards(coming soon).

Customer service is everything to us! We LOVE cars and motorcycles and would love to have you as a customer. Completing your project in the time we agree upon is priority #1 and we keep you updated along the way! Creating something unique for you, that defines you, is our mission.

Thank you for looking at just a few of our projects. We hope to meet you and your dreams "in the booth" soon!

Marc Jones
"The Custom Painter & Muscle" and
Pinky Jones
"The Spark & Car Detective"
770-369-7740 or 404-567-1012

Superior Quality, Caring Customer Service, Fast-turnaround time, Fair Prices